The workshop is part of the PhD research conducted by Claudiu Forgaci at Delft University of Technology exploring possibilities of spatial, social and ecological integration between the urban fabric of Bucharest and the two rivers crossing it: Dâmbovița and Colentina. To this end, the research uses the concept of Urban River Corridors, spatial structures that integrate the river valley with the surrounding urban fabric by prioritising mutually beneficial spatial configurations.

Local participants, together with the students of the European post-master of Urbanism from TU Delft, will test four design instruments for the spatial, social and ecological integration of urban river corridors, while responding to site-specific design assignments in key urban locations along the two rivers. During the six days of the workshop, the participants will be acquainted with these instruments and will be assisted in developing design proposals that are both multi-scalar and multi-disciplinary.

Each workshop day starts with a seminar where local experts will give insights about the topic and the problems addressed on that day. A list of the local guests will be announced in advance.

Additionally, the evening lectures will provide a wider background for the main topics addressed in the workshop.

Click below to download the workshop programme (updated on 8/2/2017).