Application deadline: 15 January 2017

Who can apply?

Application is open for young professionals, master students and doctoral candidates in the fields of urban design and planning, landscape architecture, and architecture, who are familiar with the context of Bucharest. Given the multi-disciplinary character of the workshop, young professionals or students from connected fields, such as sociology, anthropology, geography, hydrology, civil engineering and environmental studies are also encouraged to submit their application.

How to apply?

Please complete your application by filling in the online application form and by sending the following three documents in PDF format to

  1. A letter of motivation (in English or Romanian), no longer than two A4 pages, answering the following questions:
    • Why do you want to join the workshop?
    • In case you are not from a design-related field (urban design and planning, landscape architecture or architecture), have you had any design experience before?
    • What is your experience with working in multi-disciplinary teams?
    • Have you had any professional experience connected to the rivers of Bucharest? If so, please describe it.
    • What do you think are the main challenges that the two rivers of Bucharest face?
    • How do you see the future of the two rivers?
  2. A CV, no longer than two A4 pages.
  3. A sample, no longer than one A4 page, of your work that can be any form of creative or professional work (a project sample, a rendering, a research finding, etc.), including a brief description (one or two sentences), that is representative for your interests, skills and knowledge. Please make sure that the sample contains only one item.

The application will be complete when the online application form has been filled in and the required documents have been submitted.

Selection criteria

There is a limited number of places, therefore the applications will go through a selection process, which will take into consideration the following criteria:

  1. The motivation and background of the applicant.
  2. The mix of disciplines required for the composition of the teams. At least 50% of the selected participants need to be trained designers (urban designers or planners, landscape architects, architects) and at least 20% need to be from a different discipline.
  3. The availability of the applicant throughout the days of the workshop.
  4. A good command of English.

The selection will be made by the URCB steering committee at TU Delft.


Participation is free of charge. Lunch will be provided during the week to the workshop participants.


On the last day of the workshop, the workshop outcomes will be exhibited and discussed with local experts and the international guests.

The participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


For any further questions, feel free to contact Claudiu Forgaci, (in English or in Romanian).